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our new favorite concealer is easy, effective…oh yeah, and $4.

by liza darwin

While the idea of getting more sleep is appealing, let's be honest: the late-night hangouts, house parties, and concerts we've got slated for this summer are way more fun than going to bed early. And since we're not going to sacrifice our nighttime plans for shut eye, we've found a concealer that does all the hard work for us.

New in at NYC New York Colors, the Smooth Skin Liquid Concealer is the perfect early morning refresher. Available in two surprisingly universal shades- light and medium- it works just as well covering blemishes as it does hiding undereye circles.

With a lightweight formula and an easy, gentle applicator that's meant to simulate your fingertip, this cheap staple hits stores just as we're looking for a complement to our emerging summer suntans.

Plus, it only costs $4, which is about how much we spend on an iced latte, our other morning wake-up weapon. Coincidence? We didn't think so.

$4 at drugstores.