one onesie fits all!

    by · April 30, 2013
    Many hipster trends subscribe to the same “what was once dorky is now cool” philosophy. Take, for example, ironic mustaches, old-man eyeglasses, and trucker hats.And then there’s the onesie, which doesn’t really fit in the same category as the aforementioned trends. Sure the trends definitely had some low points, but we can’t recall a time when the general public regarded the onesie as universally uncool. And history aside, anything that both Cara Delevigne and Brad Pitt wear pretty much automatically gets our stamp of approval.But before you go on a total onesie binge and order every weird taco and guitar-shaped jumpsuit you can find online, please pause! Let the record show that not all onesies are awesome. So how do you find the perfect zip-up suit? Aside from being ridiculously cozy, the onesie is also very practical: what else in your closet could double as both pajamas one day and a halloween costume the next? Enter Kigu, the London-based brand who makes truly incredible animal onesies Aside from being ridiculously cozy, these oversized onesies are also very practical: What else in your closet could double as both pajamas one day and a halloween costume the next? Oh and did we mention ASOS just recently stocked a range of the brand’s MVO’s (most valuable onesies, obviously), including our favorite, the guinea pig? Bottom line: with a twitter profile reads “Providers of the most banging fancy dress animal costumes in the world,” and a collection of wonky-meets-adorable critter jumpsuits, Kigu pretty much has us sold. Forget wishy-washy ironic trends; these guys are cool for the long run. Check out our favorites below and purchase a Kigu onesie here!
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