Will Cricket-Infused Granola Be The Healthy Snack Of 2018?

Seek Food co-founder Robyn Shapiro thinks it should be

by Hafeezah Nazim

Seek Food co-founder Robyn Shapiro believes in relying on nature to nourish our bodies. That's why she created a line of healthy snack food products that include a ton of all-natural ingredients—including high-protein cricket powder. 

"I'm excited to tell people that it's really tasty and delicious," she says. "We really believe in just eating from the Earth and relying on nature to nourish our bodies as it has for thousands of years. Food is just such an important thing—it's about tradition, it's about culture, and education, and pride. It connects us, it's something you share with the people you love the most."

See our interview with Shapiro, and get your hands on your own Seek Food treats here. 


Camera: Charlotte Prager and Dani OkonEditor: Dylan Pailes-Friedman