cris cab “liar liar” behind the scenes

The first look at a new video from the rising star…

by Josh Madden

When Pharrell Williams says "I've been watching this artist for the last three years...this is the beginning of many great albums, this is a career," there really isn't a bigger endorsement you can get. The talent he's speaking of? Cris Cabrerizo AKA Cris Cab, and as he preps for the release of his new album, he's got all the right heavyweights in his corner.

The Miami-born singer-songwriter began begging his parents for a guitar at five years old and by 14 he was recording his own jams. His recordings turned into mixtapes and his mixtapes got him attention. This attention landed him in the studio with Williams, Wyclef Jean and Big Sean, which would yield his track "Good Girls." With a collection of recordings like Red Roadthe Echo Boom mixtape, and his Rise EP, Cab has been paying his studio dues. And he's hitting the road on the Tailgate Tour to log those road miles and bring the live show to his rapidly growing fan base.The video below is a sneak peek at the new video for his first single "Liar Liar" from his forthcoming record.

The video features cameos from legendary producer Dallas Austin and equally legendary creative and musical mentor Pharrell Williams.This track shows off Cab's Police and Stevie Wonder-esqe vocal stylings and the arrangement, with its reggae tempo and bounce, speaks to his Gregory Isaacs and Jimmy Cliff influence. It's easy to see why all of the music visionaries are circling around this artist, and all of the time spent self-recording is evident in his established sound.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look below, check out all of Cab's music HERE, and follow him on Twitter HERE. He'll be out on the road soon and releasing his major label debut with Mercury Records next year. This dude is definitely one to watch.