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Crop Natural Just Launched The First COSMOS-Certified Line Of Cosmetics

Truly green beauty

Australian beauty brand Crop Natural has been serving us with green skin care since launching in the U.S. last November. And now? It’s introducing an organic line of cosmetics.

Earlier this afternoon, the first three products dropped: six shades of the Bio Metal Eyeshadow, a liquid eyeshadow with a metallic finish that is infused with olive oil, avocado oil, and macadamia oil to hydrate and protect for $24 each; six shades of the Intense Matte Lipstick, a moisturizing matte finish lip color that’s infused with sweet almond oil, shea butter, and apricot kernel oil for $26 each; and, last but not least, four shades of the Smooth Glide Lip Gloss, a non-sticky gloss formulated with rice water, jojoba oil, and shea butter for $24 each. More products are in the works to roll out in the coming months.

Not only is the line completely organic and non-toxic, but it’s also the first to be COSMOS-certified. What's COSMOS, you ask? It's a private international organization that oversees the way a product is developed, from where a raw ingredient is sourced and farmed to each step in the production process—basically, it's the gold standard in certifying whether a product is truly "natural" or not. Working in partnership with international regulating organizations such as EcoCert and Soil Association, every part of the product supply chain is audited each year, ensuring that the product is not only as safe, organic, and natural as possible, but also that it's clean and produced sustainably.

Needless to say, it’s a strict standard and getting certified isn’t easy—and ultimately guarantees that Crop Natural’s products use the most premium, raw ingredients with the most sustainable and eco-conscious production practices.

The best part about the products (other than, you know, being non-toxic, organic, and natural)? They’re actually good—something that can’t always be said for green cosmetics.

You can shop the full collection starting today at Take a closer look at the first drop, below.

Photos courtesy of Crop Natural

Crop Natural, Bio Metal Eyeshadows, $24 each, available at Crop Natural.

Photos courtesy of Crop Natural

Crop Natural, Smooth Glide Lipgloss, $24 each, available at Crop Natural.

Photos courtesy of Crop Natural

Crop Natural, Intense Matte Lipstick, $26 each, available at Crop Natural.