crwn p/o hoody by undrcrwn

Dressed in all black like the omen…

by Josh Madden

crwn p/o hoody by undrcrwn

If you're one of the 20 million people who saw

the video for Asher Roth's breakout smash "I Love College"

in early 2009, like us, you probably remember his COLLEGE shirt which was perfectly fitting for the 

Animal House

-esque visual. That was the first time we were exposed to the upside-down crown we'd come to know as the famous


logo, but did you know the company was already a few years in existence? While Asher's video did serve as an unofficial lookbook for the brand and obviously brought incredible exposure, it was actually founded in 2005 and had been on that college and professional sports wave since its inception.

Staying true to its athletic aesthetic this season, UNDRCRWN released a slew of rad basketball inspired hoodies--our favorite of which is the 

CRWN P/O Hoodie

. Available in both red and black, this piece not only bears the beloved "23," but is constructed of heavyweight fleece so it's warmer than your average sweatshirt. There's an understated black-on-black logo on the chest, crowns down the sleeve and the folks at UNDRCRWN have made it available in sizes up to 2XL, so it's safe to say this is for pretty much everyone. Check this and the rest of the new collection out 


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