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I Started My Morning Off With A Crystal Therapy Facial

And it was 75 minutes in heaven

My affinity for crystals is pretty undeniable (I carry a sachet full of crystals in my purse everywhere I go and have them meticulously placed all over my room), so when it was brought to my attention that there is such a thing as a crystal therapy facial—combining both my enthusiasm for beauty and crystals into one—I naturally jumped at the opportunity.

Negin Niknejad is the founder of JustBe Skin Line as well as an aesthetician, Reiki healer, and an herbal apprentice. In her New York City studio, she not only sells her skin-care line, which ranges from all-natural facial oils to body scrubs, but offers a number of services, like facials, body treatments, and waxing. Her Crystalsational facial is a 75-minute session that includes exfoliation, deep face massage, masks, and, of course, the use of healing crystals.

I arrived at the JustBe studio in Manhattan's Flatiron neighborhood on a Thursday morning, ready for the most relaxing 75 minutes I’ve had in a very long time. The idea of starting your day with a facial sounds pretty incredible, but starting your day with a crystal therapy facial? In my book, even better.

The facial involved quite a few steps. First, Niknejad started off by giving my face, neck, and décolletage a pre-cleanse with raw organic coconut and rose geranium oils. Next, she cleansed by skin with the JustBe Daily Cleanser, a powdered cleanser made of almond, walnut, and milk powder, which coated my skin with Vitamin E while removing dead skin and impurities. Once my skin was cleansed, she gave me a facial peel with her Weekly Glow & Go Mask, an antibacterial and antioxidant-rich, all-natural blend that acts as a natural peel. She removed the peel with a microcurrent blade (and yes, it was as cool as it sounds) and followed it up with a healing rose petal mask.

She finished off the session with an Abhyanga face massage (an Ayurvedic practice) with organic tulsi oil, after which I continued to relax and let the crystals work their magic. I laid in silence while she placed different crystals over my chakras: amethyst on my crown chakra for peace and intuition; turquoise and crystal quartz on my heart chakra for healing, calming, and energizing; and lastly selenite over my entire body for a final energy cleansing and clearing. 

I left her studio feeling insanely refreshed, skin glowing. You bet I didn’t put on makeup for the rest of the day (which is something I would never, ever do), and my face and neck felt heavenly soft for days to come. Whether it was the facial massage or the selenite, or a combination of the two, I felt pretty damned good and stress-free for the rest of the day, even after opening my phone to see the million of unread emails I had acquired over those peaceful 75 minutes.

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