Cult Worthy: Axel Arigato

your new go-to sneaker.

Founded in June 2014, Axel Arigato branched out into women's shoes this year after realizing the company was selling smaller-sized shoes from the men's line to a largely female customer base. Designing shoes with a certain ease using minimalist tones and industrial achitecture, Arigato's well-made, high-quality sneakers are perfect for the girl who wants to feel put-together and comfortable, but who is also on the move.

All the shoes are handmade in Portugal with matierals sourced primarly from Italy—and you can't get much better than that, especially at their price point. Having similar styles in both their men's line and women's line, the collection feels unisex and available to everyone. 

We are stoked on the great fabrics and silhouettes of these sneakers, and totally want them to be our new go-to. See for yourself, ahead.