Retailer Curriculum Has Curated The Shop Of Your Dreams

Cult Worthy: Curriculum

One-stop shopping is always the easiest, most desirable option, but it's become rare to find a store you trust where you can get everything you need for your closet. It's a problem. But it's one that we've got the answer for: Curriculum, a smartly curated shop of designers including Anna Quan, Celeste Tesoriero, Exocet Paris, and Khalo, to name just a few. Founder and Creative Director Nicki Podvalej has composed a site for the girl that wants forward-thinking design at an accessible price point. Curriculum showcases designers around the world that aren't well-known yet in the United States, giving them a voice, and us a chance to broaden our minds and support them. Basically, Podvalej is a girl—and shop owner—after our own heart, so if you too are interested in elevating your closet, head over to Curriculum and shop 'til you drop.