Cult Worthy: Orseund Iris

opposites attract

Orseund Iris [OAR–sünd EYE–riss], created by Alana Johnson in NYC, is the next brand to watch. From a leather neck scarf and a silk pajama style top to a satin moto jacket, Johnson has created pieces you never knew you wanted—but once you see them you'll covet them forever. Using an aesthetic of nostaglic American Western and minimal flare, this brand is creating pieces that you wouldn't normally put together but really work. Our favorites include but aren't limited to (because everything is great) the leather neck scarves and the satin moto jacket. When you look for a black moto jacket you automatically are looking for a leather one, but with satin it becomes a different shape, and a completely different type of feeling. Johnson has thought about this, and given you a '70s glam and bohemian luxe feel to the clothing and accessories she's making. We can't wait to see more from her and the collection.