The Nomadic Collector is Our New Favorite

Cult worthy: the nomadic collector

The Nomadic Collector is a handbag line that is off the beaten path, literally. Stefani De La O created the collection through being inspired by her travels through the world and her deep-rooted affinity for culture. The collection is made out of natural skins and rare woods that will last a lifetime, and look better with time and wear on the materials. The Costa Rican tannery used to create the leather is the only one on the planet following a 14-step filtration process where clean water is returned back into the enviroment, and all the wood is certified as grown for logging and is reforested to preserve the rainforests. So not only is the product something that comes out beautiful, it's making the enviroment better! What more could you want out of a company? The attention to detail is what The Nomadic Collector will be known for, with closures, straps, and textures making these handbags stand out. The brand launched in 2014, and is carried in select stores but before it blows up, get educated so you can say you knew the brand when.