Curly-Haired Emojis: What Your Texts Were Missing

emoji equality

Whether or not emojis have become a key part of contemporary communication is no longer up for debate. And because the tiny pics we've grown to rely on to convey our weirdest/sexiest/hungriest sentiments are so ubiquitous, it stands to reason that when they're updated, it makes a difference. One area that emojis needed help in from the start was race, which was recently improved with the addition of different skin tones. Now, there's another sort of diversity being expanded on your tiny keyboard: hair type. 

As reported by Dove (the brand behind this little revolution), 80 percent of women with curly hair feel underrepresented by the emojis that are supposed to depict women—and 72 percent of those curly-haired women want to be able to use an emoji that looks like them when they’re expressing an emotion in a text message. While three in five women, regardless of hair type, say that the current emojis don’t accurately depict how they look, including a curly option is a good place to start.

Dove’s Love Your Curls Emojis is a free app that’s available today, featuring not just curls but five different hair and skin tones and multiple different curly hairstyles. So, whether you’ve got long, wild, red curls or a short, dark-brown curly bob, you’ll never lack an appropriate kissing-face icon again.