cutoffs that are anything but average (and easy to make yourself!)

by faran krentcil

Now that we're on Pinterest (!) - we've been finding the coolest DIY projects posted up by our fans. One major trend: modified cutoffs created with lace, embroidery, gems, tie dye, bleach, and even illustration. Meanwhile, street wear stores are stocking their own versions in case you don't have the time or energy to pull out your crafting supplies. We've pulled some of our favorites below - buy them if you want, or use them as inspiration for a new set of shorts that you can make yourself!

Lacy: Guess, $79

Lacy: Guess, $79

Embroidered, Roxy, $39.50

Tie-Dye, Siwy $168

Stamped, Nordstrom, $46.

Scalloped, by

Doodled, by The Unknown Pleasures

Painted: Volcom, $59.50