#nylongirlproblems: plus-size clothing

because everyone should be able to buy a cute varsity jacket.

by rachael wang

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The Question:

Why do clothing designers only make cute clothes for thin people? I want to look good too! 

The Answer:

I totally agree, it is a challenge to find tons of cute options in bigger sizes, and you're right in noticing that some designers don't always take all body shapes into consideration when designing. There are a few brands that are making power moves in the plus size department, though, and at great price points. Check them out. I think you'll find some things you'll love.

H&M Baseball Jacket -- $49.95

Asos Curve Leather Dress -- $142.38

H&M Denim Shirt -- $39.95

Forever 21 Boucle Biker Jacket -- $42.80

Torrid Leopard Faux Fur Coat -- $75.98

Torrid Striped Skirt -- $34.50

Asos Curve Floral Pants -- $53.39

Forever 21 Tapestry Skirt -- $22.80

Torid Graphic Skull Sweater -- $44.50

Forever 21 Plaid Shirt -- $22.80

H&M Pants -- $34.95

Asos Curve Leather Skater Skirt -- $151.28