#nylongirlproblems: cute waterproof shoes

    because if we have to wear giant snowboots one more time, we’ll scream.

    by · December 12, 2013
    Got fashion questions? We’ve got answers. Welcome to #nylongirlproblems, where every week our Market Director Rachael Wang answers your most pressing style quandaries. Need help? Tweet us your issues using the hashtag #nylongirlproblems, then check back to see what she says. Yes, it’s that easy. You’re so welcome.The Question: Where can I find cute, all-weather shoes that still make me feel like a girl?The Answer: Waterproof shoes in cute shapes are indeed hard to come by. I’m into performance-based technology and generally don’t bother trying to mix business with pleasure when it comes to getting dressed so I wear my Eight Inch L.L. Bean boots for splashing around in puddles then switch to prettier shoes when I get to work. I also weatherproof my leather boots with a waterproofing spray before each winter season in the event that I do get caught in the rain. There are some brands that do a good job of bridging the gap though. Check out the slideshow for some ideas.
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