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    by · October 18, 2014

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    Fact: Despite the fact that I always smile and (robotically) say, “I love it....It looks great...,” after every haircut, the truth is that I have hated every single dye job and cut I have ever received. Or, at least, I have for a few weeks until everything grows out. Perhaps that’s the reason I only do my hair twice a year, idly standing by as my hair turns brassy (despite the sulfate-free shampoo), breaking with every flatiron and blowdry.

    That is, until I took a trip to Cutler’s awesome new Williamsburg salon. (And I’m not just saying that for dramatic effect.) Attached to the borough’s coolest Australian-owned cafe, St. Balmain (which boasts jelly and chocolate-injected doughnuts), the salon boasts a shared outdoor space and twinkle light-lit bar, so you meet friends for drinks and show off your new hair (duh). We spoke to two of Cutler’s greatest hair stylists, Brad Wandrey and color genius Ryan Pearl, about how to get supermodel hair at home. After all, the two are responsible for the tresses of some of the biggest supermodels of the moment.

    The least polished, the sexier. Whether you style with loose beachy waves or even just ruffled up, go for a worn-in look. The least uniformed, the better.

    Go for easy upkeep. Since supermodels are constantly traveling and running from castings to photo shoots, they don’t have a lot of time to spend sitting in a salon. Keep your highlights subtle and away from the root. And please, only dye your roots if you have gray hair.

    Style of the moment: The floating bob. A lot of people think cutting their hair off is better during the summer, but the winter is really the prime time to do this. If a floating bob seems a bit drastic to you, transition by first cutting your hair to the collarbone. Slowly but surely, you’ll get addicted to going shorter and will have the confidence to pull off the look. (PS—I wasn’t able to make the leap to the floating bob. And yes, I totally plan on going shorter next time I chop my hair.)

    Styling technique of the moment: Blowdry hair, smoothing out all baby hair and strands. Then mess up the hair to give it a worn-in look with dry texture spray, sea salt spray, dry shampoo, or Toughguy Water Wax. Touch up with a curling iron if necessary.

    Product of the moment: Dry texture spray. Dry texture sprays give the texture of a spray wax without the grease.

    If you’re in New York, visit Ryan and Brad at Cutler Williamsburg, where color and cuts start at $90.

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