Watch All 17 Years of “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” in Two Minutes

the ultimate homage

With only five weeks until his departure, we have and will continue to lament the retirement of Jon Stewart. Even Jessica Williams’ just and necessary skewering of the media’s current penchant doing so won’t stop us (love you, Jessica).

Joining the chorus is YouTuber and Daily Show fan Billy Chasen who compiled a two-minute and two-second video of Stewart slowly aging during his 17-year run (John Oliver guest hosting episodes included!)

Chasen couldn't get a shot from every one of Stewart's 2,500-plus Daily Show appearances to match the spirt of this old YouTube chestnut, but he got most of them (Chasen explains process behind the video here). Overall, it's an impressive document of Stewart's run, and proves that, for someone who’s gone from 35 to 52, gotten married, become the father of two children, and guided the most popular satirical news shows in history through four national election cycles, he’s actually aging relatively gracefully and maintaining a decent head of floppy hair.  

Hit play to watch 17 years of ridiculous faces in the same amount of time it would take you to down a KIND bar.