15 Earrings To Get Your Ear Party Started

Go ahead, pile ‘em on

Arm party? More like ear party.

While heavily adorned ears may have once been a trend reserved for the punk scene, it’s now become part of the norm, no matter what your personal style may be. However, today’s lobes (and beyond) are decorated in a much more understated way. We’re all about tiny, dainty earrings that you can pile on—that is if you have enough piercings to hold them all. Subtle enough for any occasion, from the office to the bar, but interesting enough to make quite a statement, like at a special event, we’re obsessed with adorning our ears with these sweet designs.

We rounded up the prettiest, most delicate earrings, from simple studs and tiny hoops to Xs and Os and diamond-encrusted cat silhouettes. Use these beauties as a guide to tell a story with your very own ear party. 

Click through the gallery below to check out our picks and get the party started. We dare you to resist the temptation to add on a third, fourth, and even fifth hole. 

Photo courtesy of Gorjana

Gorjana, Confetti 6 Stud Set, $48, available at Gorjana.

Photo courtesy of Bona Drag

Open House, Silver Question Mark Earring, $110, available at Bona Drag.

Photo courtesy of WWAKE

WWAKE, Tonal One-Step Bar Earrings, $297, available at WWAKE.

Photo courtesy of Local Eclectic

Foe And Dear, XO Studs, $60, available at Local Eclectic.

Photo courtesy of Catbird

Catbird, Choupette Earring (Single), $154, available at Catbird.

Photo courtesy of Honeycat

Honeycat, Crescent Earrings $16, available at Honeycat.

Photo courtesy of One Six Five

One Six Five, The Kate Earrings, $50, available at One Six Five.

Photo courtesy of Still House

Still House, Roda Earrings, $138, available at Still House.

Photo courtesy of & Other Stories

& Other Stories, Tiny Hoop Earrings, $13, available at & Other Stories.

Photo courtesy of Winden

Winden, Laidley Earring, $220, available at Winden.

Photo courtesy of La Kaiser

La Kaiser, Tiny Circular Studs With Sapphires, $69, available at La Kaiser

Photo courtesy of Shopbop

Gabriela Artigas, Infinite Tusk Earrings, $352, available at Shopbop.

Photo courtesy of Hortense

Hortense, The Wink Studs, $275, available at Hortense.

Photo courtesy of Need Supply Co.

Shrihara, Post Earring, $355, available at Need Supply Co.

Photo courtesy of Vrai & Oro

Vrai & Oro, Tiny Dot Earrings, $45, available at Vrai & Oro.