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star maps: lace maxi dresses

take your lace to new lengths like daisy lowe.

by steff yotka

Let's just pause together and marvel at how awesome Daisy Lowe's outfit is.

Because even though a lace dress, a tuxedo blazer, and pointed toe booties shouldn't go together at all, somehow Lowe can pull it off. OK, yes, she's a model, but I'm also blaming this on her keen sense of style. I mean, who else would've thought to wear a lace maxi dress to a red carpet event?

Which brings me to a second question: Why don't I have a lace maxi dress in my closet? Honestly it never really occurred to me that a seemingly frivolous item, could actually be so versatile. It could be worn Lowe-style, with a blazer, tights, and booties in winter, with a slip in summer, and over a bikini at the beach. Actually, I think a lace maxi dress might be just as much as a staple item as a classic white T-shirt or some cropped jeans. Take a look at the coolest lace maxi dresses in the slideshow, and I'm pretty sure you'll agree. 

Jarlo Sienna Maxi Dress with Lace Hem Insert -- $138.89

JW Anderson x Versus Versace Lace Hem Dress -- $1,075

Stylestalker Maxi Dress -- $174.99

Nolitha Knit Lace Maxi Dress -- $89

For Love and Lemons Lace Maxi Dress -- $218

Alice + Olivia Leather and Lace Maxi Dress -- $318

Milly Cheetah Lace Maxi Dress -- $550

For Love and Lemons Lace Maxi Dress -- $250

Maje Lace Dress -- $570

Lira Lace Tank Dress -- $22.49