Daniella Mason Brings A “Technicolour” Fantasy To Life In Her New Music Video

Hue knows what could happen?

"Complement one another like colors." That's an unwritten goal when entering any relationship—romantic or platonic. What you bring to the table should mesh with what else is being brought, and, if you're lucky, it will uplift all parties involved, creating new colors and experiences. Nashville-based singer-songwriter Daniella Mason knows this to be true and is here with a bright, bubbly pop video to show you.

"Technicolour," off of Mason's major label debut of the same name, is a pristine pop song. It shines in its delivery with Mason's affectations accentuating the beat in all the right ways. "We all exist in different changing colors throughout our lives and meeting someone who exists in the same color as you in an exact moment of overlap is a beautiful, serendipitous thing," Mason tells us. She adds:

But the challenge lies in continuing to love each other and yourself as your colors change and the years go by. I've been with my husband for almost nine years now, and we've learned how to navigate the moments of being on different pages for awhile as we grow and then evolving back into the same color again and again. We've had to learn to be okay with our own change as well as each others'. That's the story I wanted to tell going into this video. The idea that our evolution is beautiful and colorful and vibrant if we embrace it.

And embrace it we will. Life is more playful with Mason's "Technicolour" in our lives after all. See for yourself in the video, above.