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davines launches farm-to-shower haircare

welcome to the best hair day of your life

Not to brag, but I'm currently having the best hair day I've had all winter. My bleached, dry-yet-greasy strands have been having a rough go of it lately—between my beanie hats, the fact that I'm too cold to want to shower, and the dry heat blasting on me, it's been a lose/lose kind of season. Last night, though, I tried Davines' new haircare products, and today my hair is bouncy, shiny, and soft. Seriously. The only thing that could ruin it is the fact that I can't stop touching it.

Let me back up a little bit. Davines products, in general, are somewhat legendary amongst hairstylists and beauty-lovers because they're super-effective in an incredibly appealing no-fuss sort of way. This new line continues that tradition, with another, more globally conscious layer: Called Essential Hair Care, it was created in conjunction with the nonprofit Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity as part of the Presidia Project, which supports people who grow heirloom plants in order to prevent their extinction. 

So, basically, there are nine sets within the line, and each one contains one specific active ingredient from a Slow Food Presidium that needs to be protected and preserved. And, each set targets a different hair need, whether you're hair is wrecked, perfectly healthy, fine, curly, and more. I used the Minu shampoo and conditioner, which is designed for dyed hair using Salina Capers from Messina. Yum! The shampoo is foamier than previous Davines shampoos, which I found really satisfying to use, and the conditioner—while a little tough to rinse out completely—feels luxurious and thick. 

Usually I use extra leave-in conditioner, argan oil, and texture spray to get my hair looking decent, but this morning I just used a few sprays of the Minu serum on my ends and scrunched it in a little bit. My hair is full of life and smells like an herb garden. 

Also worth noting: The packaging is all food-grade, so you can repurpose it. I can't wait to use the rest of this conditioner and then bring my lunch to work in its container—which is definitely a thought I've never had before. In short, this collection is totally unique and definitely worth the cash.

Davines Minu Shampoo, $25; Minu Conditioner, $29; Minu Hair Mask, $32; Minu Hair Serum, $23.