The Cast Of Freeform’s ‘Dead Of Summer’ Has Some Crazy Summer Stories

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    by · June 28, 2016

    Photo by Freeform/Tyler Shields

    Summer is a time for escape and a time for adventure. When you’re younger and free of the responsibilities adulthood throws at you without asking for your permission (rude!), there’s more time to explore. There’s also more time to take off and get away to camp. What happens at camp, doesn’t always stay at camp, though. This is something we’ve all learned from Hollywood: The summer camp genre is a never-ending source of laughs and scares. This summer, Freeform is bringing the slasher camp genre to the small screen with its new show Dead of Summer. Set in 1989, at the fictional midwestern Camp Stillwater, Dead of Summer follows the frightening tale of an evil haunting the grounds. Death lurks behind every corner, tree, bunk bed, and more. It’s a coming-of-age horror story, filled with brilliant ’80s references and just enough camp to keep things fun. We caught up with the cast ahead of the premiere date to see what their summer camp experiences were like. After all, art imitates life, right? (Well, probably not so much in this particular case since, well, you’ll see.)
    Dead of Summer premieres June 28 at 9pm EST on Freeform.

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