dear diary: chloe norgaard pt. 2

the model gives us a photo tour of london fashion week.

by rebecca willa davis

Fun fact: Chloe Norgaard is just as cool in London as she is in New York. That's what we learned from her latest photo diary, featuring pics she snapped with her Samsung Galaxy Camera while in England for London Fashion Week. Click through the gallery below for the Rainbow Brite model's commentary--and if that's not enough Chloe for you, check out her New York Fashion Week diary here.

"Car lights rushing around London. Exactly how I spent my time here--you sleep when you're dead ;)"

"Making faces at Vivienne Westwood!"

"My valentines and companions on my first day in London. 22 castings!"

"SICK beehive for PPQ and cute cupcake dress."

"Crazy nails at PPQ made me immobile for the time being."

"Savoy hotel where Moschino was held. I want this to be my bedroom!"

"I was actually just thinking about how I didn't have enough pink in my wardrobe, so super glad to have this as my outfit for the Moschino show."

"Ran into my good friend Rico outside one of the shows, so nice to see friends during this madness."