Death Grips Just Released the Scariest Jock Jam of All Time

Y'all ready for this?more

Death Grips broke up earlier this year, but they've still got an album called Jenny Death on the way, and today, they've ambushed our eardrums with the first single, "Inanimate Sensation."

There's also a video—or more correctly, a video within a video. The action takes place on a JumboTron that seems to have fallen from the rafters at a basketball arena, and that's a fitting visual, since "Inanimate Sensation" plays like a blown-out, nightmarish noise-rap version of 2 Unlimited's "Get Ready For This," that jock jam you've heard at every sporting event since 1991.

Death Grips rapper Stefan Burnett may have had that in mind when he wrote the lyrics, which obliquely call out the song's jocky feel: "Running through your lover like Mean Mr. Mustard / stadium style / for those who came to jock / watch that man salute you / endless nameless Lady Godivas we snoop to / like eighty-three mermaids in Brooklyn Zoo / inanimate ghetto box we used to pimp through."

The best line, though, comes at the end, when Burnett declares, "I like my iPod more than fuckin'." Maybe he heard about the increased demand for iPod classics. In any event, Death Grips fans should be on the lookout for Jenny Death, which will follow June's Niggas on the Moon and complete The Powers That B, the two-album project pegged as the Cali group's swan song.