neon sitch

get bold with deborah lippmann’s new nail polishes.

by steff yotka

Summer is officially here and that means making the inevitable shift from your pastel spring manicure to a bold, bright, and beachy summer one.

Enter Deborah Lippmann's '80s Rewind polish collection, a six-piece line of pop shades that you're going to need in your summer beauty cabinet. Named after '80s hits like "Don't Stop Believin'" (a racecar red), "Video Killed the Radio Star" (electric blue), and "Walkin' on Sunshine" (a sunshine hue you're really going to need) the collection has staple colors like pink and teal, with bold accents that will make you want to dance your way through the season. 

See all the polishes in the slideshow. 

Walkin' on Sunshine -- $18

Whip It -- $18

She Drives Me Crazy -- $18

Maniac -- $18

Video Killed the Radio Star -- $18

Don't Stop Believin' -- $18