Original photo by davide luciano

The “Deep Dream” App Will Take Your Selfies To The Next Level

We trippy, mane.

by christie craft

Everyone’s been caught staring off into space—perhaps gazing at a sky full of stars or fluffy clouds—daydreaming until familiar shapes (animals, faces, even logos) take shape. But here's a question for you: Do computers space out, too?

As it turns out, artificial computer “brains” aren’t so different from human ones, as evidenced last month when Google coined the sci-fi phrase “Inceptionism” to account for the rather creepy phenomenon of artificial neurons caught wandering off into La-La Land. Google's futuristic #deepdream code was unleashed, and arty nerds got right down to business. 

At the risk of oversimplifying a beautifully complex marvel of AI science, the Internet did what it does best and released a barrage of supremely trippy, feverishly surreal digital snaps of computers’ coded “daydreams.” 

Now, some genius has turned the inception code into a psychedelic web app that works much like Instagram, allowing users to upload photos and doctor them with a set of 19 consciousness-expanding filters, sans messing around with complex coding. Just see for yourself the kind of LSD-esque (and oftentimes just straight-up nightmarish) masterpieces touted in the ever-changing Dreamscope Gallery

Play around with the trippy app here, and just think about how next-level your summer selfies could be with a dose of “Magic-Eye” surrealism.