first look: edie parker & del toro’s emoji collection

happy face, thumbs up, heart.

by steff yotka

It's a universally known fact that everyone has a favorite emoji, or at least an A-team roster of smiling faces and cheers-ing beer steins that serves as a go-to for text message responses and Instagram captions.

And after using the cute pics as a surrogate for expressions where language just doesn't suit, you probably wish that you had some emojis that worked IRL too. On an awkward date? The shady looking face will do. Girls night? The two leotard-wearing besties. Birthday? The confetti cone!

Well, you're in luck because Moda Operandi teamed up with handbag brand Edie Parker and shoe label Del Toro on a line of emoji clutches and loafers. Now you can express your queen bee status or your plans to get dance-y with your purse and kicks. Aside from being funnily functional, the items are pretty darn cute too. Check out the collection in the slideshow and set your alarm for tomorrow when the clutches (priced at $1,595) and loafers ($340) will hit

Del Toro Big Kiss Loafers

Edie Parker Big Kiss Clutch

Del Toro Angel Devil Loafers

Edie Parker Angel Devil Clutch

Edie Parker Angel Devil Clutch

Del Toro Heartbreak Loafers

Edie Parker Heartbreak Clutch

Edie Parker Heartbreak Clutch

Del Toro High Maintenance Loafers

Edie Parker High Maintenance Clutch

Del Toro Hot Chick Loafers

Edie Parker Hot Chick Clutch

Del Toro Cat Face Loafers

Edie Parker Cat Face Clutch

Del Toro Palms Loafers

Edie Parker Palms Clutch

Del Toro Queen Bee Loafers

Edie Parker Queen Bee Clutch

Del Toro No Evil Loafers

Edie Parker No Evil Clutch

Del Toro The Shit Loafers

Edie Parker The Shit Clutch

Del Toro Tipsy Loafers

Edie Parker Tipsy Clutch

Del Toro Tongue in Cheek Loafers

Edie Parker Tongue in Cheek Clutch

Del Toro Da Bomb Loafers

Edie Parker Da Bomb Clutch

Del Toro Dancing Queen Loafers

Edie Parker Dancing Queen Clutch