How To Find The Right Denim Rise For Your Body

    A serious denim issue

    by · November 16, 2016

    Photographed by Ricky Michiels

    From 2005 to 2012, I made the unfortunate mistake of wearing low-rise jeans. For years, my mom begged me to wear a higher rise, but I refused to listen. She didn’t understand that a hem line anywhere near the belly button was not cool—I didn’t understand that I was torturing my figure with a style that was ridiculously unflattering.

    It wasn’t until I started working at Urban Outfitters during college that I finally made my way over to high-waisted denim cuts. For the first time ever, I felt comfortable and cute in a pair of jeans. Now, I can’t imagine wearing them any other way. Call it a mom jean all you want—I call it the best style ever.

    I consulted NYLON market editor Marissa Smith to figure out the vibe of each rise and what makes it right for you. Click through the gallery to learn more!

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