derek cardigan sunglasses from

The most successful companies always have the best customer service…

by Josh Madden

When we received these Derek Cardigan glasses from the other day the first thing we wondered was, who is watching us and how do they know our taste? Don't know how we missed this one but after hopping on their website we discovered that this company is the world's largest online retailer for glasses and contact lenses, but how did they get there? Well, founder Roger Hardy has always maintained a "customer first" doctrine and that's pretty rare in 2013. The company's Change the View project has helped over 340,000 people around the world by providing glasses and vitamin A for people around the world. So basically, what we're saying is shopping is a way of looking good while doing good. These Derek Cardigan glasses were a new discovery for us, which is pretty rad, but we're still wondering: How did you guys know our style? For more on, their ethos, and a first class shopping experience go HERE.