beauty queen: diane kruger

how to put your freshest face forward.

by liza darwin

Happy Monday, everyone! Not only is it Monday,'s a Monday in the middle of Fashion Week. This means that if you're anything like us, you're exhausted, dehydrated, and stressed out. While we can't really help you with the thirsty part (just take a break from the Diet Coke and switch to water!), we can work on the rest. Just take a page from Diane Kruger's book and get inspired by the actress's awesomely dewy skin from this weekend. Not only does she look refreshed, but her complexion is totally even and pretty much perfect. And while it's easy to roll your eyes-- obviously she looks good, she's a movie star--there are some secrets to copy her wide-awake look. We've got a long week ahead of us, so see them below! 

REFRESH IT: Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream- $42

Not only does it smell like you're lying in a bed of flowers (which, let's be real, is what everyone wants to smell like first thing in the morning), but this moisturizer instantly perks up your face with nutrients and jojoba oil. It's basically second to coffee in its ability to get you going--stat. 

MINIMIZE IT: Dr. Weil for Origins Dark Circle Minimizer- $41

A quick dab of this creamy concentrate will not only reduce puffiness and dark circles, but it'll reflect light. Meaning, you can totally fake that "I got 8 hours of sleep, I swear!" look without any doubts.  

COVER IT: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream- $8.99

It's a multitasking secret weapon that brightens, smooths, and evens out your skin tone so you can run out the door in five minutes flat. And at 8 AM on a Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday...) isn't that all we really want?