Die Antwoord Release Eerie New Video For “Alien”

They’re baaaack

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Die Antwoord. Well, the South African rave-rap duo is back with a new video for its 2016 song “Alien,” and it’s just as bizarre as you’d expect.

The song itself is about a misfit who doesn’t fit in. Group member Yolandi Visser plays the rebellious extraterrestrial being (if you thought you’d get a video from Die Antwoord titled “Alien” and not see an actual alien featured in it, then you do not know Die Antwoord), who walks around abandoned buildings in Detroit spraying graffiti. When she ventures into a diner for something to eat (run by Ninja who also directed the video), she’s refused service (an American right in this fictional world!). As she exits, defeated, the lyrics play in the background: “I am an alien/ No matter how hard I try, I don’t fit in/ Always all on my own, sad and lonely/ All I want is for someone to play with me.”

In the end, she heads back to the abandoned building we first encountered her in, but this time she’s naked (???). In what could very well be a scene from Annihilation, a cocoon is built around the creature and out emerges the duo’s teenage daughter Sixteen Jones.

Watch the, erm, family affair unfold, below.