Photo courtesy of Dirty Lemon


Dirty Lemon’s Latest Drink Will Put You To Bed

A miracle beverage of sorts

I’m what you would call a terrible sleeper.

Not only do I struggle to fall asleep most nights, but I also have trouble staying asleep—often waking up, tossing and turning, and finding out that I've accidentally elbowed my boyfriend in the face. I’m sure my habit of passing out with my phone on my face or blaring Netflix from my laptop next to my bed as a “lullaby” of sorts wreaks havoc on my sleep cycle, but I also frequently wake up in the middle of the night—long after Netflix goes into pause mode and the rest of my group chat turns in for the night—no matter how cozy my bed may be.

That’s when I heard about Dirty Lemon [sleep]. I’ve been a longtime fan of the brand, known for their detoxing charcoal lemon drink (aka my go-to hangover remedy), so when I heard they launched a formula that’s meant to put me to bed, I was all for it.

For a full week, I drank one bottle before I tucked myself into bed and monitored my sleep.

I must begin by saying that this stuff is no joke. If you’re looking for the all-natural Ambien, this is the drink for you—as this stuff will literally knock you out, in the best way possible. The formula is comprised of a number of functional herbs, magnesium (the real winner here), and rose water to promote drowsiness and a feeling of mental calm, while also supporting a more restful night of sleep. Passionflower, lemon balm, and chamomile provide a number of benefits, too, from balancing your nervous system to aiding your digestive system and inducing sleep by promoting a healthy inflammatory response throughout the body. Magnesium glycinate not only relaxes your muscles, but also improves sleep efficiency, early morning awakening, and insomnia, while rose water hydrates your skin and enhances your mood.

I found that for the course of the week, I fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep throughout the night. I actually had energy when I woke up in the morning—a rarity for someone who is the farthest thing from a morning person. My skin kinda-sorta glowed, too.

All in all, this nourishing formula will lull you to sleep in a way that’s safe, natural, and effective—and it works quickly. I would not suggest trying it during the day or while not somewhere you intend to sleep. I drank one at my desk during the workday just to see if it was my mind playing tricks on me, and I found the rest of the day extremely difficult to get through with my eyes open.

You can snag your own holy water at, where a case of six is $65.