Watch Dismaland’s Very Unhappy-Looking Trailer

ugh! les mis.

Those looking for a gay, ol’ time in the United Kingdom should probably steer clear of Banksy’s Dismaland. It’s the antithesis of the Happiest Place on Earth.

But you already knew that, because you are a person of the Internet and have most likely seen images of the distorted Ariel or disturbing nod to Princess Diana in the form of one Cinderella hanging out the side of a pumpkin chariot that’s crashed as the surrounding paparazzi captures her lifeless image. If you haven’t, well, congrats on avoiding the Web for the past week. You’re now going to be inundated with its trailer because it’s strange, and great, and sad, and confusing all at once. Who doesn’t love a mixed bag of emotions?

Here, a nice-looking family seeking to spice up their life winds up at Dismaland. The parents get upset, but the kids live for it. Why? Because violence, action, and overexposure to all bad things! Or, at least, that’s what Banksy and his hoard of artists want us to walk away with. We are such a cynical generation.