just kids

disney stars who deserve a comeback.

by liza darwin

Confession: even though it's been more than 10 years since Lizzie McGuire first emerged on our TV sets, Hilary Duff will always be Lizzie to me. Yep, patched jeans, crimped hair, cartoon alter ego and all. 

But despite the fact that the show's opening credits are forever in my memory ("If you believe, you've got a picture perfect plan..."), clearly this actress-turned singer-turned mother is so much more than all that. She's got killer style and even better, just announced that she's going back into the studio to record a new album--meaning she's joining fellow ex-child stars like Selena Gomez, Camilla Belle, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus, who are doing pretty damn well for themselves post-Disney.

They can't be the only ones killing it, though, right? From crush-worthy teenage heartthrobs (Erik Von Detten, AJ Trauth) to cool little kids all grown up (Alyson Stoner) to even the one-hit wonders, click through the gallery below to see the Disney kids we want to see again. And if you think we forgot anyone, let us know

After all, it's officially the 21st century....so isn't it about time we get another Zenon "zequel"? Kirsten Storms, hope you're reading this!

photo from imdb/disney

Alyson Stoner--Cheaper By The Dozen, Camp Rock, Missy Elliott music videos

photo from imdb/disney

Christy Carlson Romano--Even Stevens, Kim Possible

photo from imdb/disney

Kirsten Storms--Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

photo from imdb/disney

Hallee Hirsh--The Ultimate Christmas Present

photo from imdb/disney

Cara Delizia--So Weird

photo from disney

Erik Von Detten--Princess Diaries, Brink!

photo from disney

Brandon Baker--Johnny Tsunami

photo from imdb/disney

Jordan Hinson--Go Figure

photo from imdb/disney

Alana Austin--Motocrossed

photo from imdb/ disney

AJ Trauth--You Wish!, Even Stevens

photo from @thelalaine twitter/disney

Lalaine--Lizzie McGuire