an homage to bottega veneta’s perfect accessory.

by ali hoffman

Sometimes we need a day or two to warm up to a trend.

This was not the case with Bottega Veneta's blackened oxidized cameo jewels, seeing as we immediately craved the entire range the moment we spotted it.

By adding dark twist to the classic jewelry piece, the handmade collection mixes gothic with glamorous, and still manages to look completely wearable.

The one, itsy-bitsy drawback? Let's just say the baubles are a bit of an investment.

So we decided to put our craftiness to the test, a pay homage to Bottega, sans going bankrupt. 

Check out our results below and feel free to try it out yourself!

How to do it:

1.  Purchase a cameo ring, necklace, or bracelet.  We got ours from Charlotte Russe, but you can  find them for under $10 at most vintage stores (or here!).

2. If you like the blackened look of Bottega's, use any black matte nail polish (letting the ring dry in between coats).  Or, if you prefer a brighter look, any neon nail lacquer will definitely do the trick.

3.  To prevent chipping, lightly apply a thin coat of decoupage glue or paint sealer  (This is a great one!).

And then again, you could also add the real thing to your wish list.