18 ways to hook up your vests, shorts, and jackets

it’s denim, redone!

We know you've seen our awesome denim DIY guide with NYLON Fashion Assistant Marissa Smith in our August Issue. Now, we're giving you 18 more ways to hook up your favorite denim vests, shorts, and jackets. Even better? We took inspiration from some of the coolest pieces on Etsy, which, yes, does in fact mean that you can scoop up each look if you love it enough--and we know you will. So take a hint from some awesome indie and vintage fashion shops (plus peep page 48 in our Denim Issue for the best techniques) and redo your denim!

Here are 18 Awesome New Ways to Redo Your Denim:

1. Line It With Flannel

(via ClothesHorse on Etsy)

2. Add Fringe

(via True Vintage Style on Etsy)

3. Create Unxpected Holes

(via Diannikco on Etsy)

4. Tie-Dye It

(via Janenevermore on Etsy)

5. Wash it in Acid

(via Hendrix Denin on Etsy)

6. Make it Pretty with Bows

(via NostalgicUSA on Etsy)

7. Add Fabric to the Bottom Seam

(via Delta Blues Vintage on Etsy)

8. Embroider It

(via 1989 Vintage on Etsy)

9. Stud It

(via Shop Organized Chaos on Etsy)

10. Patch It with Band Merch

(via FOffDenim on Etsy)

11. Go Two-Toned

(via Honeymoonmuse on Etsy)

12. Pin it with Vintage Finds

(via LesOubliettes on Etsy)

13. Re-Use the Sleeves Somewhere Else

(via BLVintageShop on Etsy)

14. Go Over-sized and Rock it as a Dress

(via MaLieb on Etsy)

15. Freshen up with Flowers

(via JeansOnly on Etsy)

16. Go for Color Change

(via Never Go Naked on Etsy)

17. Add Animal Print

(via DoSvidaniya on Etsy)

18. Keep Only a Denim Border

(via Blooming Butts on Etsy)