diy hermes

we made our own kelly bag. you should too!

by ali hoffman

When Hermes launched a new website dubbed

J'aime Mon Carré (or, I Love My Scarf)

about a year ago, we were skeptical. Sure, the bags are timeless, but could the brand adjust itself from high society to high tech?

After one look at the site, the answer was clear: Absolutely.

Now, once again, Hermes is proving just how up-to-the-minute they are with the DIY Kelly Bag. 

Available via the brand's Facebook page

, the downloadable pdf version of the famous bag is there for you to print, cut, and color.  In addition to playing on our obsession with all things involving scissors and Elmer's glue, the project's also pretty darn thrifty (we didn't spend a dime). 

Check out our creations below, and hopefully, you'll get inspired to make your own!

P.S. Who says you can't use the download as a template and make your own with leather?