we copy a $1,900 cuff for under $20…

by ali hoffman

We can't tell you what is it about the holidays that get us craving gold, diamonds, and all things that sparkle.

But we do know one thing: The moment we first laid our eyes on Aurélie Bidermann's range of 18-karat gold-dipped baubles, we needed it.

Unfortunately, the Paris-based jewelry designer's duds fall way outside of our price range (especially during the season of giving!).

Yes, you guessed it, we decided to make our own faux-gold cuff … for under $20!

The result? Well, see for yourself!

Here's how we did it:


-  Any lace trim (so long as you have enough to wrap around your wrist)

-  Metallic Fabric Paint (we used Tulip Metallic  Dimensional Fabric Paint in “Gold” - about $2)

-   A soda can

-  1 paintbrush

-  A hair elastic

Measure your wrist and then cut the lace accordingly.  Spread out your piece of lace over newspaper (or anything you won't mind getting paint on). Messily paint the lace with fabric paint (the messier the better! Remember, you want to give it that “dipped” look). Carefully wrap the painted lace around a soda can (you can use a bit of masking tape to make it stay in place). Let dry overnight.  Once dry, remove the lace from the can, and place around your wrist.  Now- using a friend to help- cut a hair elastic and weave it through the two ends of the lace.  Tie a semi-tight knot and enjoy your new goddess cuff!