a little bit of bungee cord goes a long way…

by ali hoffman

The moment we spotted Proenza Schouler's multicolored rope bracelets, three thoughts simultaneously crossed our mind:

1. We never thought a carabiner would become a fashion accessory.

2. We want one….but can we rationalize spending $150+ on rope?

3.Maybe we could make it?

So, we decided to once again put our D.I.Y. skills to the test, and see if we could make our own bungee-cord wristwear for a fraction of price.

The result? Well, check out the photos below it and judge for yourself!

Here's how did it:


-About 2ft of climbing rope (you can find this at any camping/outdoor store). We choose a bright orange rope, which cost $1.00/2ft

- Any friendship bracelet string you have tucked away from years of summer camp (If you don't have any at home, we recommend buying some Hemp Cord by Darice)

- Baumgartens Small Carabiner Key Ring ($1.54 here)

Total Cost: About $7!

Measure the climbing rope 2x the width of your wrist. Cut it!

Using a lighter, carefully burn the ends of the rope to prevent them from fraying. Bring the two end together and attach the carabiner and the other end (i.e. the end that loops).

Now, using the rope as the base, tie the friendship bracelet string/ hemp cord, in what ever braid, knot, or wrap of your liking.  There's no right way to do this, so get creative!

Our version....

Proenza Bracelet ($150)

Proenza Bracelet ($175)