Photographed by Ricky Michiels.


31 Days of DIY Denim: Day 4, Denim Tassel Keychain

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NYLON staffers created unique, DIY projects using denim in honor of our annual Denim Issue. Check back here every day of August to see a new project.

What you'll need:







Metallic string


Step 1: To make the hook attachment, cut a small strip of denim and loop it through the keychain hook. Glue the two ends of the denim to secure it.

Step 2: For the keychain, cut out a rectangular piece of denim, roughly 12” x 3”. For added texture, use denim that has frayed ends on one end.

Step 3: Using a pencil, draw a horizontal line ½” from the edge of the denim. If your denim is frayed on one end, measure and draw the line from the edge that isn’t frayed.

Step 4: Cut vertical strips into the denim, stopping at the line.

Step 5: Glue the end of the loop attached to the keychain to the left edge of the denim.

Step 6: Roll the denim to the right, and glue it at the top (above the slits) to secure.

Step 7: Tie metallic string around the keychain.

Step 8: Attach your keys and make everyone around you jealous.