first look: dkny

a collection that poses the question: pizza or caviar?

by rebecca willa davis

I can't quite pin down the exact moment, but at some point in the past year I went from a floral dress-wearing, metallic ballet flat-walking, quilted bag-toting vintage obsessor to a bit of a tomboy. Varsity jackets? I've got three. Straight-legged pants? They fill my closet (and, perhaps not surprisingly, a few of them are actually pulled from the men's section). Sneakers? I wear them all the time--and yes, that does occasionally include with said floral dresses.

So maybe I'm predisposed to like--no, love--the DKNY pre-fall collection, but I think I'd be falling hard for it whether or not I was in a sporty style phase. The line features a perfect mix of athletic (think '90s slogan tees and surf-inspired shapes) and urban (leather jackets and sleek, minimal maxi dresses), so that us city girls aren't forced to choose.

In fact, the only question I'm left with isn't whether I want each and every piece (because, well, duh), but rather, pizza or caviar? With a collection like this, you can take both.