animal instinct

designers are taking pets for a spring ’14 spin.

by liza darwin

When we first spotted Afghan Hounds trotting down the Jen Kao runway earlier this month, we thought it was cute (obviously), but never in a million years expected it would be a bonafide spring trend. 

However, turns out these shaggy-haired pups were only the first of several pet runway cameos this season. Mulberry soon followed suit, featuring a bulldog named Turbo who was so pumped to make his debut, he practically dragged his models down the catwalk. (We feel you, Turbo--we'd be that excited if we scored our very own custom Mulberry outfit, too.)

Then there's Markus Lupfer, who opted out of a traditional fashion show in favor of an adorable lookbook--featuring fluffy kittens. Considering we're only halfway through Fashion Month, we have a feeling there's even more animals to come.

For now, click through the gallery of furry friends below and cross your fingers that nobody in the front row is allergic...

photo by zimbio

Jen Kao

photo courtesy of Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer

photo by zimbio