donut friend

Donuts are your friend…

by Josh Madden

When you’ve done radical things with your music career, like play drums in Drive Like Jehu and produce gold and multi-platinum records for bands like Finch, Jimmy Eat World, and Blink-182, there’s only one place to go…donuts! Honestly, check out Mark Trombino’s Wikipedia page and see for yourself, that the dude is a legend. After winning our ears for the last 20 years he’s set out to win our hearts. Donut Friend is a longtime dream of Trombino’s, who traveled around the country reasearching and doing exhaustive recipe testing for the last few of years. Our favorite thing about Donut Friend is the menu with donuts like The Promise Ring, Rites of Sprinkles, The Gorilla Biscuit, and Choclate from the Crypt, named after our favorite bands. Stop by and see Mark next time you’re in LA and check out Donut Friend on the web HERE.