The NYLON Guide To Dorm Decor

Bring your room to the next level

Back to school season is officially in full swing. Before you know it, you’ll be moving out of your parents’ nest and into your dorm room, the blank (like, completely blank), cinder-blocked canvas you’ll be calling home for the next nine months.

When it comes to decorating your space, you pretty much have all the creative freedom you need—despite, you know, some obvious limitations, like your dorm's rules about decorating—to express yourself and really make it your own. (Well, at least, your tiny section of it.) It’s where you’ll be spending a good chunk of the time that’s not spent in class, whether you’re sleeping, studying, snacking, or Netflixing, so you’ll want to make your interior decorating efforts count.  

Below, we rounded up the sweetest new dorm décor that’ll truly bring your space to the next level, based on your vibe. Are you a loud and proud millennial minimalist, or opting to create a space that’s more cozy and colorful?  We cover it all, below.

Millennial Minimalist

You're a millennial, and you aren't afraid to show it. This means that, in terms of décor, you’re all for minimalism, “millennial pink,” and feminism. Of course, you’ll need the perfect marble blanket to keep you warm; it also does double duty as the perfect backdrop for all of your Instagram posts.

1. Cold Picnic, Boob Bath Mat, $60, available at

2. Cotton & Flax, Linen Medium Throw Pillow, $85, available at Need Supply Co.

3. Urbanears, Stammen Speaker, $349, available at Urbanears.

4. Cafelab, “Marble Collage With Pale Pink” Gray Pink Fleece Throw Blanket, $35.40, available at Dot & Bo.

5. Anglepoise, Type 75 Desk Lamp Special Edition Margaret Howell, $200, available at Need Supply Co.

Wellness Fanatic

You’re keen on the latest wellness trends, and want to channel that into your living space. You want to keep the air fresh with the latest technology (and the oldest, at that) and ensure that everything, from your yoga mat to your succulents, gives off positive vibes.

1. Urban Outfitters, Chloe Tufted Medallion Comforter, $169, available at Urban Outfitters.

2. Urban Outfitters, Himalayan Salt Lamp, $34, available at Urban Outfitters.

3. Blueair, Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier, $299, available at Blueair.

4. Sugarmat, Pink Lotus Botany, $89, available at Sugarmat.

5. West Elm, Cube Terrarium, $49, available at West Elm.

Retro Beachy

Not ready to give up on summer just yet? While it may be back to school season, that doesn’t mean your room can’t be a tropical oasis all year round. Cue in the pineapples, bananas, and palm trees. For an ultra-retro beach vibe, don’t forget your record player and ‘60s-inspired furniture.

1. Crosley x UO, Velvet Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player, $89, available at Urban Outfitters.

2. Goodnight Light, Gold Pineapple Lamp, $93, available at

3. Society6, Banana Life Comforter by Mark Ashkenazi, $99, available at Society6.

4. Thing Industries, Banana Pillow, $110, available at Thing Industries.

5. Urban Outfitters, Hayley Mono Rattan Chair, $179, available at Urban Outfitters.

The Witch's Den

For the modern witch, any living space she lives in should be fit for her and her coven. While a dorm room may have limitations on what spells can be cast (check the rules regarding candles), a chic tarot deck and crystals should do the trick.

1. House of Intuition, Creativity Magic Candle, $15, available at House of Intuition.

2. Crystal Cactus, Aura Spirit Quartz Cluster, $38, available at Crystal Cactus.

3. Society6, Electric Eyes Comforter by Daisy Beatrice, $99, available at Society6.

4. Urban Outfitters, Geo Moon Light Sculpture, $34, available at Urban Outfitters.

5. Aina Studio, The Minimalist Deck, $40, available at Aina Studio.

Cozy and Colorful

Let’s face it: The semester ahead of you will be, at times, stressful and tiring. But if you douse your room in color (and throw in some comfy accouterments), it can ultimately be an uplifting space fit for getting shit done. Bring on the neons (and the fluff).

1. Target, Threshold Pinch Pleat Comforter Set, $79.99, available at Target.

2. Sunnylife, Rainbow Neon Light, $60, available at

3. Urban Outfitters, Vito Stacking Stool, $79, available at Urban Outfitters.

4. Ankit, Heart Eyes Emoji Throw Pillow $14.99, available at Ankit.

5. Urban Outfitters, Aspyn Faux Fur Shag Bean Bag Chair, $198, available at Urban Outfitters.