dos and don’ts: pixie cut

to pixie or not to pixie? Read this first.

by ray siegel

Even though Carey Mulligan and Maggie Gyllenhaal proudly rock their pixie cuts, we can understand why you might be apprehensive about taking the plunge. As promised on page 108 in our Say Lou Lou Music Issue feature--a band we've deemed best tressed--we're showing you every single angle of the short 'do, to help you decide whether or not you should go there. For expert advice we called Leonardo Manetti--he's the co-owner of Ion Studio in New York with a background in editorial, ad campaigns, catalogues, and celebrity hairstyling.

Here are his arguments for and against it, along with everything else you could possibly wonder:

DOS -"Pixie cuts are great for any individual that has small features. If you have strong prominent features--this type of cut is going to highlight that, since it will really showcase your face. It's a short cut all the around, so there's nothing to hide behind! It's ideal for smaller, narrower faces." -"It's also good if you're looking for something that is fresh and you do your upkeep every month and a half. Not good if you need a low maintenance cut. Once it starts to grow in, it loses the shape." -"Do cut your hair if you feel like you need a change--because it's a great haircut to show off your goods (meaning all of your features)--or if you feel like you don't want to waste too much time on styling your hair!"

DON'TS -"It's better for thin to medium hair that's straight or with a slight wave. If you have a lot of hair that's very thick and very curly, a pixie cut is a don't." -"If you're looking for something low-maintenance [and don't like seeing your stylist every few weeks], you may want to skip the pixie."

MAINTENANCE "It should be cut every month and a half."

STYLING "Stay away from strong products--like heavier creams or waxes. None of those are pixie-friendly. If the haircut is good it should fall into place by itself."

BAD HAIR DAY "I would wet your hair down with a spray bottle and brush it accordingly."

THE PIXIES "Carey Mulligan is a great example--she's growing it out a bit, but when she first did it it was perfect. Mia Farrow when she cut her hair for Rosemary's Baby-perfect example of textures and a makeover--she got her hair cut right in the middle of the film. The opening scene she has longer hair."

TELL YOUR STYLIST "The pixie is basically a short layer--it follows the head's shape--so you need to be really comfortable with cutting with straight sheers or with a razor (don't use the sheers with thinning sheers). You can keep it tight or make it not-so tight." If you're in New York, Ion Studio is on 41 Wooster Stree--they'll take care of your pixie cut needs, but they're masters of ever style.

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photo via facebook
photo via facebook