Double-Vision Makeup Look For Halloween


by jenny lee

Every Halloween, we inevitably see the same tired costumes and looks that seem to be on year rotation. And to be fair, after decades of Halloweens coming and going, it's pretty difficult to come up with a look that hasn't already been overdone. This year, YouTube beauty vlogger Tamang Phan met the challenge with a seriously trippy, double-vision makeup look, which requires several double-takes for you to realize your eyes aren't playing tricks.

Phan brilliantly creates this look by painting on another set of eyes, nose, and lips on her face, making it look like someone copied and pasted her features on top of her original ones. In a video, she takes you through the painstaking process of essentially drawing on another face, and it's absolutely mesmerizing.

Even if the look seems too daunting to attempt (we don't blame you), it's enough to just watch Phan's crazy artistry.