game of thrones gets a line of beers. mother of dragons pale lager, anyone?

by nylon

Is there any channel that does branding better than HBO? First, True Blood got actual Tru Blood (a blood orange carbonated drink that we enjoyed in the office when it first came out). Then Girls got a line of polishes from Deobrah Lippmann, out in time for the series' second season. Now? Game of Thrones is getting its own line of beers. The fantasy series, which returns for its third season in the spring of 2013, teamed up with the Cooperstown, New York-based Brewery Ommegang on a line of "themed beers based on the critically-acclaimed drama," as HBO puts it. Each is supposed to tie in to the show's characters, themes, and series nuances, with the first one dubbed the Iron Throne Blonde Ale. It releases just in time for season three--so yes, get those drinking game ideas rolling--with more slated to come later in the year. Since we just know that first flavor profile, we decided to brainstorm a few other potential options.

Mother of Dragons Very Pale Lager: Peroxide blondes get two-for-one.

Red Stripe Wedding Ale: Prepare to have your mind blown.

Sam Tarwell Lite: Now comes in extra-large bottles!

Shaggydog Ginger Beer: Safe for even direwolfs to drink.

Bloody Drogo Amber Ale: A drink to die for.

Night's Watch Dark Malt: Promises to get you through the night, even when you hit the Wall.