drake by duffie denim

The perfect vintage fit and feel…

by Josh Madden

There are two kinds of jeans; the kind you buy because you were in a good mood but never wear because you don't know what you were thinking, and the kind that you buy and wear three days a week and all through the weekend until they fall apart. The Duffie denim people sent us their Drake denim to try out and we for real haven't taken them off. They are the perfect amount of loose in the waist and fit in the leg, so much so that we don't know whether to call them loose skinny jeans or tight baggy jeans. The folks at Duffie don't do a lot of post-production on their denim, in order to keep them cost effective. They are hands down perfect in our opinion and we're serious about our denim. Check out the full line HERE and you'll understand why we've been wearing ours non-stop.