Drake Seemingly Speaks Out Against Donald Trump

“It’s on us to keep this shit together. Fuck that man”

Canada's Drake is from the six, and damn proud of it. But, that isn’t stopping the rapper from talking out about the current political shitstorm happening in the U.S. At a concert in London on his Boy Meets World Tour, he threw, what we can assume, shots at the recently elected President Donald Trump.

“Every day I wake up, I see all this bullshit going on in the world. People trying to tear us apart, people trying to make us turn against each other,” he’s heard in a video posted on Twitter saying. “So tonight, my proudest moment isn’t selling tickets or having people sing my songs, my proudest moment… if you take a look around this room, you’ll see people of all races and all places.”

He continues, calling out one “man” in particular. He doesn’t say names, but one can guess who he’s referencing. “I just want you to understand, if you ever thought for a second that one man is gonna tear this world apart, you’re out of your motherfuckin’ mind. It’s on us to keep this shit together. Fuck that man.”

We hear you loud and clear, Aubrey.