A Drake-Inspired ‘Views’ Exhibit Is Coming To NYC

    Everything you need to know about this tribute to 6ix God

    by · October 06, 2016

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    Event producer Brianni Taylor is commemorating the album of Summer Sixteen with a Drake-themed Views exhibit. Taylor previously held a Kanye West-themed Life Of Pablo art show last May to much success, and her latest venture—complete with art, food, libations, and a karaoke contest—will pop up in New York on October 10.

    Taylor’s vision is to combine music with other art forms to create an interactive, immersive experience that allows fans to fully engage with an album. “When artists have cult followings, their fans want to be a part of anything related to them. If a person can go to an event where they can hear, see, taste, or touch things inspired by their favorite artist, they want to be there,” she says.

    According to Taylor, the popularity of her events can be attributed to the way art allows us to view a celebrity from someone else’s perspective. “It’s giving us the opportunity to peel back another layer of the artist’s persona, which ultimately makes us connect with them more.”

    Views exhibit won’t be Taylor’s last, and she tells us she already has big plans for her next showcase. (Rihanna, perhaps?) We spoke to some of the featured artists ahead of the show to find out why they love Drake and the role art plays in our culture.

    Click through to read their responses, and be sure to grab your tickets before October 10.

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